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'How to Make a Living as an Artist'
Colin Ruffell FRSA 
a guide to survival and success.
How YOU can make YOUR living as an artist
or even better
How to enjoy a very good living as a successful artist
The information in this book applies to all artists whether you are trained or self taught.
  • Are you undecided about your career prospects in art?
  • Should you try a course at an art college?
  • Should you expect to make a living as an artist?

Maybe you want to give up your safe boring humdrum job, escape from the rat race, and enjoy an exciting creative free lifestyle as a real artist painting and selling your own art.

You have been told that it is impossible to make a living as an artist, but it is not!
It is already being done. I have been doing it for many years, and so have my inner circle of friends and colleagues. We share our secrets here with you in 'How to make a living as an artist'.
  • You could be a full time professional artist, like me with forty years in my studio, and still going strong!
  • You could be published worldwide.
  • You could have regular exhibitions of your work in many countries on five continents.
  • You could have international sales of your work grossing about half a million dollars a year.
  • You could be your own boss, as an artist, and enjoy the good life.
  • Like me.

Does that sound attractive? It is not easy. We made many mistakes on the way up. 'How to make a living as an artist' will explain the common pitfalls, and how you can overcome or avoid them. We will share the route from survival to success with you in this book.

This book will walk you through the process step by step, chapter by chapter. You will be able to skip from subject to subject in any order.

But the life of an artist is not just a wonderful way of making money and kicking goodbye to the wage slavery of working for someone else. There are several other benefits when you become a full time professional artist.

What, where, when, who, why and how.

  • What is the artistic lifestyle all about.  The real bonus of this lifestyle is experiencing the excitement and buzz that you get from being creative and free thinking. You will find that the ability to make art every day, whenever, however, and where-ever you want, is a mind blowing experience. Creative juices will flow and all your artistic ideas can be tried out. The spill over into your everyday life will astonish you. You will be thinking for yourself about your work, and you will find new ways of thinking about every other aspect of your life. You probably already know that artists are often philosophers, poets, musicians, designers, inventors, and writers as well as being artists. Being an artist encourages these other activities. 
  • Where you can do it.  You can be an artist where ever you like. An artist can legitimately travel to far flung exotic places to be able to paint them. You can follow in Gaugin's footsteps and settle on a south sea island, and the tax man will allow it as a justifiable expense. Or you can set yourself away from prying eyes in your own hidey-hole studio right in the centre of town, emerging to mingle with cafe society and the company of other artists. You can choose the town, you can choose the country. The world is your oyster.
  • When you can do it. An artist creates art when inspiration and circumstances are right. That means that you will not be a clock slave. You will probably want to work very hard because you are having a good time and enjoying the work. But you can take time off when other interests are foremost. You are the boss. The old nine to five routine is a thing of the past. Work all night then take a week off. Be prepared to have moments of frenzied activity before an exhibition, followed by periods of rest and calm when you will be preparing for the next one.
  • Who you will be. Do all this and bask in a respected and admired position in society. The international status of an artist has never been higher. You can experience the limelight in whatever size bites that you wish. If you are extrovert and enjoy being the focus of attention, or if you are introverted and wish to keep yourself to yourself, either way you can build a successful career as an artist, and still expect to receive the accolades of your fellow citizens. Artists command respect where ever they are.
  • Why being an artist is so good. Here is another bonus that you will find as an artist. You will find that you have access to new exclusive upper circles where the role value of being an artist is understood, envied and revered. Here you will meet and mix with the wealthy, powerful, and influential social leaders, where you can benefit from patronage and established good taste. You are rightly valued because you as an artist contribute to the well being of society. Your work will be sought out and collected because it could be a good investment, and because you are seen as a trend-setter.
  • How to make a living as an artist. This book can show you how to make a good living, and command respect and status. It can show you how to think about yourself, feel proud and free, and do something that can put you into the art history books. It is not just a dream. This book can show you how to make the dream come true.

This book will walk you through the process step by step.

You will find out about the 12 golden rules.

You will be warned about some nasty shocks.

You can learn about eight strategies for selling your work yourself.

You can find out about other sources of income from your art like licensing and publishing.

You will be told how to achieve the practical competence and inner confidence that are necessary to survive and succeed on your path to becoming a full time professional artist.


"Your book..... I think it's excellent, jam-packed with invaluable stuff, vigorously expressed. 

It also made me laugh (in a good way). "   Mike Sims.

Mike Sims ... Editor of 'Art Business Today' Magazine


Hello Colin   

Thank you very much for writing your book. 

I have found it to be very helpful, full of useful tips and information. 

It's already covered in highlights and Post-It notes!  

Karen Read Coley


My name is Chuck DeWolfe I am an artist and an art coach. 

I have asked several of my artists to buy your book and 

all have taken parts of it and put it to good use ... so thank you for that!


Dear Collin,

I bought your book some weeks ago. It is full of wise advises.

I would like to thank you especially for the optimism and "positive thinking" coming out from every page.

Best regards

Enric Roca


I liked the way Colin Ruffell's book was written frequently sprinkled with humour throughout each chapter. 

I felt he was talking to me about what it was all about and I felt supported through the scary realities of being a solvent artist with his sense of humour.

I felt he was saying don't worry you will be OK. 

I enjoyed the photos showing Colin through the decades plying his trade. 

He is a very giving person, genuinely interested in helping people.  He is a natural at how to market yourself as an artist.  He is living proof of how to be a success as an artist.  So many people say it can't be done.  He gave me hope.

I admire what he has to say and recommend his book as a valuable tool to helping you on your way."

Regards   Angela McKay  UK


 Dear Colin,

I've had a couple of quick read-through's of your book and I'm both thankful that you've written it and, most of all, thankful that I've come across it!

I'm just starting out, as many are, into this seemingly mysterious world of the artist and your book has, quite possibly, given me one of my most valuable tools...hope. Not the 'finger's crossed' hope of winning the lottery, but a real hope of being able to achieve what I'm aiming for because I'm now armed with some very clear guidelines.

It seemed worryingly simplistic at first, but there is no escaping the wealth of information that has been collected by someone who know's what they're talking about and wishes to communicate it as usefully as possible.

I couldn't be happier. I AM going to be an artist!   Kindest regards, Kelly



"Colin, I'm out to buy your book, sounds good."

Shirley Trevena. International artist and author.


Hi Colin,

I just wanted to respond and Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I
finally for once in my life after reading the majority of your book.  I
finally feel like I have a sense of direction now.  I love the way your are
very straight forward and funny.  I have tried to read other business books
and talk to other artists, but no one has given me a solid game plan. I have
been lost for 31 years. Thank you for helping find my way. 

JD California USA


Dear Colin,
It was terrific to have met you while you were visiting Western Australia, and s
o luckily be able to
obtain from you the book you have written  called "how to make a living as an artist".
The book itself has been totally inspirational in that it has given me a sense of direction and
ambition towards developing my artwork  and thus becoming a successful artist.

To also be able to talk personally to such a successful artist as yourself, has created within me
a growing confidence about my own self-esteem and potential, which has to now, been
somewhat retarded by my negative "Inner Critic".

Your discussion about the left brain/right brain modalities, and the necessary balancing of the
two spheres, has made me realize just how much my left brain is dysfunctional, in the
realms of business management and how to have confidence enough to be able to
"sell" myself, and what I create- in others words to "be out there ", instead of remaining in
my insular studio, and to start mixing with people involved with artistic interests, especially
in the areas of painting, printmaking, and of course necessary drawing.

And thanks again of the offer of visiting you in the UK , to see the studio and the processes
of giclee printing. I hope that what  you have written  in "How to make a living as an artist"
inspires others such as myself to, to "be brave" , and to "go for it!"

Will Adams Perth W Australia


Finished your book last night. It's a good one! Very few will tell how it really is out there and how the art system can chew you up if you don't know how it works and what to expect. Good detail and advice there.

Dave Bross



This book has over 120 full size pages of information.

You can get this book NOW.
You can pay by credit card at Clickbank, then download the book as a PDF* file.
The price is $29.95 US
buyers from European Union may have tax added
* This requires Adobe's Acrobat Reader software, which can be freely downloaded from the Adobe website.
This book is published digitally as an e-book for a special reason. It is an ongoing living creation. It is not fully written, and it probably will never be! It will expand with updates as feedback adds information, and technologies develop! It will be re-written, re-worked and reviewed constantly.

You can help to create the book. Your immediate reaction is sought, because your feedback is treasured and valuable. Any comments that you wish to make will be assessed and could be used to add to the books future content. You can buy the book now and download it to your computer.



“The early bird catches the worm”


Why not get ahead of the pack by getting this book and try the survival and success techniques within? 


About the author.


Colin Ruffell FRSA



[who is Colin Ruffell?]

Colin Ruffell was born in 1939. Subsequently he was bombed, evacuated, educated, ran away, expelled, repatriated, married, bred, and qualified. He taught art until 1965, when aged 26, he became a professional artist. Ever since then he is very proud, thankful, and happy to have survived as a full time working artist.


He has degree qualifications, from two Art Colleges in painting, design and printmaking, and The Open University in psychology and aesthetics. He has exhibited paintings all over the world, and has prints published in England, Scotland, the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan.


He was elected onto the Court of directors of the Fine Art Trade Guild in 2000, where he became Chair of the Fine Art Trade Guild Printers and Publishers Committee, and later Chair of the Artists and Fine Art Committee. In 2006 he was elected by the Court of the Guild to become Members Warden and serve on the Executive of the Guild. 

In 2008 he was elected by the world-wide membership to lead the Guild into their 100th year as the 'Master of the Guild'.





This book has over 120 full size pages of information.
You can get this book NOW.
You can pay by credit card at Clickbank, then download the book as a PDF* file.
The price is $29.95 US
buyers from European Union may have tax added
* This requires Adobe's Acrobat Reader software, which can be freely downloaded from the 

Adobe website.



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